The project

What is Mensa-in-a-box

Mensa in-a-box is an open source solution, designed to suit the needs of a local Mensa.

The project

  • MiB is open source and you may download, test and use it for free. If you are unsire if this suits your needs, ask for a login, and see for yourself. Also, ask qny questions in the forums, and someone will try to answer all your concerns.
  • THe project is continuously worked on, and new functionality is added. We hope you will join in, and perhaps bring your own modules and plug-ins to the table.
  • MiB in it's current form has been paid for and developed by Mensa Denmark.
  • To support and speed up further development, if you choose to use MiB and you are a Full National Mensa with sufficient funds, we kindly suggest a one time Entry Fee of EUR 2 per user. This is not mandatory, and only suggested to those Mensas with sufficient financial backing. We encurage emerging and provisional national Mensas to just use the software.
  • All donations will go towards further development of MIB.

The functionality incudes, but is not limited to:

  • Membership database
  • Calendar 
  • Magazines
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Photos
  • Mailing lists
  • Forums
  • Chat
  • Test sign-up and management with credit card payment
  • Archive
  • LocSec Tools
  • Content editing tools
  • Responsive design (adapting to screen size)
  • Open source
  • Predefined Mensa Setup
  • Translation Engine
  • Shopping module